Common copier jam and its effective solutions

copier repair

Copier can get easily jam and that is very annoying. Most of the time it is the user’s fault. But sometimes the paper gets stuck in between your copier. Jams are easy to clear usually but in some cases it gets tough. Here are some easy tips to clear the jam effectively.

Preventing paper jam

Preventing copy machine from getting jammed has a lot to do if you use a little bit of common sense. Tell your colleges to take care of your machine with these 7 tips

1.    A human requires food, not a machine. Keep your tea, coffee away from your machine. Your beverages make copier greasy and snacks like chips also leave small crumbles into the copier. Do not use your copier as a dining table if you do not want that to be jammed.

2.    Using torn, damaged paper can also damage your copier. As these papers usually stuck within your copier and that is the main reason to be jammed

3.    Putting the paper in the right direction matters a lot while putting your paper inside make sure you put them in the right direction.

4.    Paper is most likely to jam and likely to absorb moisture fast. So try using paper as fast as possible.

5.    While using your copier with a bunch of papers. Remove all the paper clips, staples, feeder, post-it notes that might make the copier jam even more.

6.    After preventing your copier from all these things, if your copier is still having issues. Call your office service partner to check it properly.

7.    Try keeping it cleans as much as possible. Dirt on the platen that is the large piece of glass can have speckles when you scan or copy your documents.

To fix this issue here are some tips to prevent:

•    Always try keeping the air filter clean.

•    Wipe the rollers and clean them with a lightly soaped rag. Dry it. Do not try to clean any part of your machine that you cannot reach easily. Taking anything apart from your machine just to clean is not how it is done. Leave that part for your service provider.

•    To keep it clean, take a lint-free cloth and use a glass cleaner to clean it. This maintains the cleanliness and keeps the shine.

•     Do not forget the paper trays to clean. Take all the paper out and clean it by using a lint-free damp cloth or you can also use an air blower to clean all the debris out.

If you see a paper tearing off, never try using anything like tweezers or something to pull them off that can get more dangerous.

These tips are just for some quick and homemade ways to prevent your copier from jamming unnecessarily, for a bigger issue that is not in your hand anymore. It can only be fixed by a professional only. Compare your local available services and call them to fix your machine.

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