Having bathtub issues? Here are a few steps to find & repair it

Bathtub leakage

Understanding the problem

Bathtub leakage can occur mainly in two different areas. In the faucet or in the pipes. Apart from these two areas check the grout, body of the tub and the drain. It depends upon which kind of leakage are you having, then only we can fix it according to the damage. Though the trouble is the same for any of the damages. As the results of bathtub leakage there can be peeling of wall painting, floor damage, ceiling damaged by water stains, mold on the wall or flooring can also be an issue. The soon you notice all these issues the faster you can save your bathroom or house from bigger damages.

 Finding the spot is definitely the first thing that needs to be done. Its pretty simple to find the leakage, check if the water is spilling and to check the bathtub leakage dry wipe the outside area with a towel or anything that gives a dry finish and line newspaper in the area. Now fill the tub full, keep an eye on the newspaper is getting wet or not, that is the functional area for you now. In case of checking drain fill the bathtub completely, now notice the sound if the water is seeping out. If you are getting those noises and see the water is decreasing too, understand the assembly of the drain is not properly sealed. After checking these things, if none of the above is happening to your bathtub, it is probably in the pipes.

Fixing the issue:

 Faucet: If you find your faucet is the main culprit then turn off the water supply and remove the caps from the middle area of the faucet, afterward use a screwdriver to undo the handle of the faucet. Take a wrench; disconnect the packing nut that holds the faucet securely. Replace the washer of the stem and secure it with new fixtures. Once you are done with this, turn the water on to check if it’s working properly.

Grout: Clean the grout area if you find a crack, apply caulking to the crevasses. Wait for three hours before turning the water on to dry it thoroughly. If you can spot the damage early you can prevent many future issues easily but if it gets delayed, the renovation may get very expensive.

Tub: If you are planning to fix the whole tub, you need a heavy-duty mechanical seal with waterproof features. Completely dry the whole area, and then apply a small amount of sealant into the cracks afterward use sandpaper on the surface of the tub to flatten itDrain: Notice if your water is decreasing quickly from the tub, there are chances that the plumber’s putty on the inside of the plug is coming off. Disconnect the plug with a screwdriver and reapply some putty. Tightening the connections of the drain-trap underneath the tub is another way, it’s not that hard to do, all it requires is some space and accessibility to repair. If the fittings are too old, you can simply replace them with a new one.

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