Here are few things you need to keep in mind before installing roof

installing roof

If you are thinking of replacing your roof with a new one then you need to keep few things in mind. Firstly, decide where you want to put the roofing material before removing it. No matter if you are doing it all by yourself or taking help of a professional. It is totally your responsibility to keep your yard and yourself safe. It is a lot of hard work and requires basic knowledge.

Removing roof

Using dump trucks can be a great help to depot all your old material. Roofers will pull all the roofing materials like building paper, old sub-roofs and toss them into the dump truck. There roof nail that holds material in place for example like, wood, asphalt shingles. It is not possible for roofers to take care of every nails so roofing nail ends up lying here and there in your yard while dumping into the dump truck.

If there are few roofing nail that won’t be a big issue but, if you notice there are going to be a lot of nails then it is going to be troublesome. You can just spread a tarpaulin around the area of action, so all the mess is going to be within the tarpaulin only.

Roofing Materials

Once your roof has been set up completely and sub-roof has been secured, a lot of materials will be placed upon your roof. Nowadays it is done by a crane rather than doing in the old way, hiking all the bundles up by ladder. In some places this old technique is still in use, this is very hectic and hardworking. The next step is clearing up some space for dump truck. The roofers are probably going to do their work by afternoon. If you see they are using ladder, try being nice to them because this isn’t an easy job. Help and appreciate the hard work they are doing.


Then comes the installation part. The application of building paper is the first step here. Very thin sheet that is similar to rough piece of wool, black in color will be applied. This process is very fast and then the roofing material process starts.

This is a very noisy and loud application if you are in home while the work is being processed. A lot of nails are going to be hammered into the roof; these nails are mostly fired by nail guns so there are obvious noises that can be a little annoying if you are trying to concentrate.

Finish Roofing

After this entire thing is done the only thing you need to prepare for is energy savings that you will receive. Dispose any other thing that is left and gather tools and unused materials for later usage.

Conclusion If you are planning to do it all by yourself without taking any help of professionals, be safe. If you are an elder and do not want to take professional help at least ask someone of your family or young neighbor to help you out.

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