IS YOUR FAUCET MAKING NOISE? Follow these steps to stop the noise


Is your faucet making irritating noise when you are turning them on? Making you all nervous all of a sudden when you are home alone by making bangs and grumbling? It’s quite normal that faucets will scream or whistle when you turn them on.

Check the pipes

 There can be several causes for these sounds. A newly built house your pipes can be small to pass the water properly. To fix that issue replace your pipes to get rid of that noise. A buzzing noise starts when you turn the faucet on means the metal threads of the stem are chaining themselves against the faucet’s threads. Replace the stem, and coat the threads with petroleum jelly. By lubricating the noise should stop and easier to turn on.

Loose washer

A loose washer in the faucet can cause noises. Simply tightening it or replacing the washer will immediately eliminate the irritating noise. If your faucet is still making noise after that, check your washer seat. Even after all this it doesn’t stop making noise, take your sink apart but it’s not that easy as it sounds. So it’s best to hire someone more professional.  If you want to fix it by yourself it requires some work and patience.

Replacing the faucet

 New faucets are made for do-it-yourself or DIY installation instructions along with it. A brand new faucet can work wonderfully or the appearances of your fixtures and will also terminate all the leakageand other problem you had with your old one. If you have a different sinkmounting, opt for a faucet unit that is designed for various types of sink mounting. Once you are done selecting your preferable model follow steps to install it properly.

Faulty cartridge

Many new faucets use cartridges instead of stem and washer. These are washer less and therefore they do not have washer inside to vibrate. They still make noise and block the water flow. This can cause vibrations in the faucet pipes. Inspect the cartridges by removing it and rebuild the faucet. This will not block the water flow anymore.

Squealing pipes

Squealing sound occurs when hot water is on. This sound is mainly caused by the expanding act of the pipes inside. Hot water causes metal pipes to expand and while doing so they stretch they scrape against the brackets. Notice if your faucet is making noise only when the hot water is turn on. Fastening the pipes against the plastic brackets is the only way to solve this issue.

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