Kitchen faucet leakage? Here is a guide to fix it

faucet leakage

 Leaking faucet is a very common issue. No matter how expensive or advanced your faucet is it can have leakage issue at some point. If a faucet starts leaking by the time you installed it then it can be your fault, maybe you didn’t fixed it properly.

In the following article, we will tell you how to fix faucet leakage so that you can repair it all by yourself.

Faucets works differently, it can have various components. You need to understand your faucet’s type before starting with repairmen. There are four types of faucets available

  1. Compression– compression faucets have two handles; you can easily find this type of faucets.
  2. Ceramic disk– a ceramic cylinder contains under the handle of this category of faucet.
  3. Cartridge– a type of cartridge contains under the handle of this faucet.
  4. Ball faucet– ball bearing under handle contains under this faucet.

Fixing a compression faucet

These faucets are easy to handle, easy to repair, spare parts are usually cheap. Here are some instructions on how to fit it.

  • Remove the handles with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Remove the nut using a wrench, after that the O-ring will be visible.
  • O-ring is usually thinner than the washer; the washer is generally made out of rubber. Change the O-ring if its leaking around the handle and change the washer if the faucet’s body is leaking.
  • After replacing the O-ring or the washer whichever is necessary, set the handle properly.

Fixing the ceramic faucet

These faucets are durable, works long time without any hassle. But once that start leaking you should know how to fix it

  • Remove the faucet handle
  • The handle is made of metal and usually is under the is escutcheon cap, take that out
  • Take the disk cylinder out using a wrench, detach the cylinder and uncover the neoprene seals.
  •  Use white vinegar on the seals to clean it out. If you think you can also soak the seals in vinegar directly for hours. Or you can buy a new one
  • Set the seals back or place a new one whatever your preference is. But it definitely needs to be soaked or it can crack easily.

Fixing a cartridge faucet

Cartridge faucets are long lasting but most of them are difficult to repair than other faucets but once it gets damage, know how to fix it

  • firstly remove the handle
  • Remove the retaining clip- some cartridge faucet company use a retaining clip to tighten the cartridge and to hold it. You can take the clip out using a plier.
  • Remove the cartridge.
  • Use a wrench remove the faucet spout and fix the o-rings.
  • You need to cut the O-ring to remove it, since it’s very hard to remove. Coat the O-rings with petroleum jelly before placing them.
  • Resemble the handle.

Fixing the ball faucet

Ball faucets are quite expensive but durable and complicated to repair. To repair this you need some parts.

  • Remove the handle
  • Use a wrench or pliers to remove the cap and collar. Also loosen the cam, using a repair kit.
  • Remove the cam with washer and the ball
  • Also the seals and springs need to take out with the help of pliers.
  • Cut the old O-rings and apply petroleum jelly before installing them
  • Use washer, valve seats to replace old elements with new ones.
  • After resembling all handle the faucet will be as good as a new faucet.

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