Thanksgiving Day fun is giving you a headache? Here is some solution for your plumbing issues

Do you know that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest plumbing day of the year? In compare to other normal days, Black Friday is an important day for plumbers more than 50% of call increases on this day for them. Since a lot of guests, extra kitchen loads and clogged kitchen sink. It is very usual that this day will be very busy with plumbers. The two parts of the house can be the most problematic, the kitchen and the bathroom. The reason behind this is pretty obvious. With all those scraps of turkey, potato peels, an increasing amount of guests, guests filling their bellies with tasty pies, turkey other foods, and the bathroom is getting busier after the dining place makes it worse. Like an apartment of two-three family members accommodating 20+ guests on the day of thanksgiving. This means more flushing, more clogging, less and less control.

We all know how family gatherings spoil plumbing issues; here are some tips to avoid plumbing emergencies-

1. Taking care of plumbing issues beforehand– the saying, precaution is better than cure is very true, and applicable everywhere. Taking care of these beforehand will help you. Plumbing problems won’t happen overnight, you definitely need to fix it before the occasion. By protecting and maintaining small clogs, repairing basic problems so that additional emergencies don’t occur after Thanksgiving.

2. Disposing of garbage properly- if you have one garbage disposal, know-how, and how not to use it. Follow the rules accordingly; the key to protecting your disposal even during the occasion is calling a plumber. Try not to fill the garbage disposal fully before turning it on. Do not grease it, fatty foods things that are most famous on Thanksgiving.

 3. Sink strainers- sink strainers are regularly used by owners, make sure using it on special occasions as well. Sink drain can catch debris, which can buildup eventually, and slow the water drain down. For thanksgiving occasion, this can get very frustrating to remove the strainer. Throwing your remaining food directly to the drain is not at all a good idea.

 4. Keep an eye to the flush- controlling your flush toilet is a little tougher when guests arrive. Your family member knows what does, and what doesn’t work for your bathroom and flush but your guests aren’t aware of that. Especially when there is a toddler, try being there with the toddler guest when they visit home or tell their parents to do so. That will help you to reduce the headache of bathroom plumbing emergencies. 5. Try avoiding DIY before Thanksgiving- while we think to do it yourself is a nice idea to fix minor issues of your bathroom. We mostly make it more complicated rather than solving it, if you are not experienced. Experimenting with this is not a good idea even on a normal day, so imagine doing it before the big occasion when 20+ guests arrive? Don’t think too much about it, and call a professional in that case.

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