Things to look for if you are having a rough time cleaning your rug

cleaning your rug

An area rug is meant for covering your floor area. The purpose of carpet and area rug is the same but cleaning both of these is not the same. Do you think you can clean an area rug by a regular carpet cleaner?

If you think it is possible then you are wrong. Most people confuse regular cleaning with an area rug cleaning. Area rugs need to be cleaned differently. Both of these have a lot of differences that make rugs hard to handle by everyone. It requires special attention.

Here’s why:


The major difference between area rugs and carpets is the construction. If you think this carefully, area rugs are easy to move when needed. Your carpet is not that easily removable. There are different types of rugs available with different styles and origin, all require special care.

Removing soil

As we said, area rugs are different and require special attention. Rugs are usually thick and catch dirt and soil faster. Even if you are using a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt, it won’t help much. A vacuum cleaner cannot clear dirt from fibers that are beneath the rug. It is best to hire a rug cleaner to clear dirt professionally.

Bleeding can be an issue

Bleeding can be a big issue in terms of everything, the same for carpets. Most carpets are made in a single color. Bleeding color can ruin the complete look of your favorite rug. So it is very important to use proper methods and skills to clean it so that the color doesn’t fade.

Fringe is another

Most carpets have fringe for better decoration. This fringe is not easy to wash and also hard to take care of. Since fringe is a little delicate and needs proper attention. Cleaning it by someone professional is important. Carpets do not have any additional fringe for its decorative purpose but, rugs have it. So take proper steps to prevent your rag from damaging.

Antique finish

The most manufacturer makes rugs under a process that is called antiquing that makes it look classier, gives antique finish and looks expensive to customers. A process that goes through acid wash or tea dying post-treatment. This chemical layer can wash away after cleaning. You can reapply this process if needed.


Proper training is necessary even if it is just about rug cleaning. Different kind of rugs needs different attention. Some have different material; some has different origin, fading issues, taking care of different detailing like fringe and other things to make it look more attractive. Some services provide proper cleaning and damage controlling training. Enquire them to make sure that they had the proper training to clean your items.

Professionalism Proper rug cleaning should be done by professionals. Search local cleaners in your area to get the best service. Do not trust any local cleaner to clean your rugs easily. Professionals can easily handle each and every kind of rug available in the market. Review their reputation and history wisely and then compare if it is safe to get it done by them.

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